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IC Contact Post

"This is Amelia Steinbeck. If you are receiving this message, it means I'm not available right now. Please leave your message for me to get back to later."


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But I was rather enjoying myself.
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Only because you pulled away.

[calling her on it]
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[oh boy here we go]

Oh? Why? Did you not enjoy it? I noted that you weren't very receptive.
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Then logic would dictate that perhaps you don't think of it as platonic?

[he's just messing with you, Amelia, to see your reaction.]
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You're the one blushing, not me.
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[Sorry, Amelia, but Loki is just going to laugh at your reaction.]

I do not believe I've seen you like this, Amelia. Perhaps you enjoyed the kiss more than you let on?
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An innocent look, coupled with a shrug!!]