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IC Contact Post

"This is Amelia Steinbeck. If you are receiving this message, it means I'm not available right now. Please leave your message for me to get back to later."


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[brow lift]

Perhaps not strong enough of a word, but it is not inaccurate.

[he did try to kill him that one time. or at least hurt him quite badly.]
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Without knowing the full extent of what has passed between us, you cannot form any impression that would present itself as accurate.

[That was blunt, but he's much more in favor of dropping it for the latter statement.]

Are you asking for a kiss, Amelia?
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[Said with plenty of humour, thank you very much:] I do have the form of a wolf I can take if that is your goal...
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If you insist.

[Not like she had to twist Loki's arm about it, though. He'll walk briskly up to her, and not giving her much time to prepare (it wouldn't be as much fun otherwise), he lifts up her chin with one hand and leans in for a kiss on the lips. Of the lingering sort. She can probably feel the edges of his lips curling upwards as he does so.]
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[Most of the women he's kissed in his time were more than willing to let the kiss linger (likely due to his royal status at the time), but he isn't surprised when Amelia pulls away. In fact, he's pleased that it lasted the few seconds that it did.

Parted, he looks down at her with a scrutinizing eye.]

You are most welcome. Can you move?
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I am glad to have been of service, though I am sorry to say that service did not last very long.
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But I was rather enjoying myself.
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Only because you pulled away.

[calling her on it]
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[oh boy here we go]

Oh? Why? Did you not enjoy it? I noted that you weren't very receptive.
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Then logic would dictate that perhaps you don't think of it as platonic?

[he's just messing with you, Amelia, to see your reaction.]
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You're the one blushing, not me.
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[Sorry, Amelia, but Loki is just going to laugh at your reaction.]

I do not believe I've seen you like this, Amelia. Perhaps you enjoyed the kiss more than you let on?
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An innocent look, coupled with a shrug!!]