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Application for [community profile] ataraxion

Your Name: Mai
OOC Journal: [personal profile] formidable
Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: Over 20.
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Characters Played at Ataraxion: Abbie Mills ([personal profile] bearwitness)

Name: Amelia
Canon: Original Character for a verse called, Magic Memoir
Original or Alternate Universe: n/a
Canon Point: n/a
Number: RNG!


Amelia's story takes place in a modernized world like ours except for some obvious differences. This a world where magic users, mythological and mysterious creatures, and psychic individuals exist side by side in secret from the rest of the normal world. Both magic and psychic groups operate independently of each other as well, rarely mixing in the others affairs as a way to keep the peace and to not be discovered by any non-magical or non-psychic folk unless they choose to do so. Only important normal humans know of their existence, but otherwise, both groups hide themselves in the shadows.

The magic folk or "magickind" (consisting of witches and warlocks with a higher number of the latter compared to the former) are notorious for the notable inner conflict they have among each other in order to acquire or retain power and their numbers have been reduced to several hundred on each livable continent due to centuries of fighting with each other. At some point, the Witch King, a warlock possessing nearly immeasurable power stepped up, forced a cease fire; it was a crucial action because of the loss of magical territories, the endangerment of supernatural creatures, and the danger of the mundane world getting dragged into magickind matters. A tentative and imperfect peace is maintained into the 21st century although all eyes are on the Witch King, waiting for the moment he steps down or chooses an heir to rule over them all. A large majority of witches and warlocks are long lived and have adapted to living as normal people whatever the era.

Amelia is a fairly young witch who is most infamous among her peers for being the Witch King's protege.


Despite being a witch, Amelia makes her living as a simple AP (advanced placement) Literature high school teacher, while hiding her status as a witch and residing in a the suburban town of Blackgale, California. Her simple lifestyle hides her reputation among other witches and warlocks for not only being favored by the Witch King, but for having potent magical energy and skill in spell casting, making her particularly feared. Her magical aura when casting magic is green, which has gained her the nickname of 'The Emerald Witch.'

While she looks to be in her late twenties, Amelia is in actuality over 66 years old, young for a witch.

What is most notable though is that Amelia is not a 'pure' witch-- that is to say, she was not born with any magic in her veins. Her becoming a witch was an event that happened fifty years ago and her title of 'Emerald Witch' was only given to her after a lengthy incident that greatly affected her personality and way of life as a magic user.


Amelia Steinbeck was a six year old girl living in America during the 1940's. She was, in the most simplest of terms, 'normal.' She had two good parents, a home, and perhaps even a bright future ahead of her. This ordinary existence was cut short when one day in the park while reading a book, a mysterious red-headed man asked her a strange question:

"Do you want to be a witch?"

Such a seemingly innocent question intrigued the young Amelia who accepted the stranger's offer a bit recklessly. And as fate would have it, the mysterious man was an extremely powerful and feared warlock who ruled over all magickind, who is better known as the Witch King. He had grown tired of the stagnation that magical society had dug itself into and he had no interest in letting any existing witches or warlocks take his position of power. The man proceeded to grant the young human girl magical abilities, wipe her parent's memories of ever having a child, and took her on as his student.

Four years later, the Witch King brought his student to a formal gathering he was hosting. It consisted of all the witches and warlocks in the world. Amelia's presence caused an outrage because she wasn't a pure witch; just a human who took on magical powers. She could no longer turn back to her past life and she was now under scrutiny of her fellow witches and warlocks who viewed her not as a child, but an obstacle who would most likely be the Witch King's heir.

If there was any highlight during this period of time, it would be meeting a warlock named Micheal DeRosiers, a man from a prominent magic family. Amelia and Micheal were both considered powerful despite being young, but Amelia seemed to have an edge over Micheal in terms of skill. This created a long term rivalry (well, mostly on Micheal's part-- Amelia still thinks he's mostly a nuisance) that continued on for years.

Amelia continued her studies in magic under the tutelage of her teacher while at his mansion. She began to socialize less and less only focusing on refining her abilities. Her only interest outside of magic was literature; as the years passed, books were the only things that gave Amelia insight about what was happening in the non-magic world, but even then she only viewed it as some twisted entertainment rather than with concern.


Amelia can be described as serious, sarcastic, and no-nonsense, but has a kind attitude to balance out her austere demeanor. Amelia is a good listener and is the type of person who tries to offer help in any way she can even when it seems like she rather not be inconvenienced; in fact sometimes she has a hard time refusing to help. She dislikes being proven wrong or looked down upon, indicating that she is somewhat prideful. Amelia can get irritated quite easily when faced with incompetence or anyone more difficult than she is. It can be awkward to approach her because she retains some of her cold and stand-offish behaviors on the surface and generally isn't the best at expressing genuine affection or joy. If anything, she's rather melancholic beneath the surface due to her past experiences which she struggles to overcome. Basically, she's a sixty-six year old woman who's still developing emotionally. Her age has been mentally out of sync due to secluding herself from others in the past, but that's a flaw Amelia has been trying to smooth out as she continues to age even when she's faced with may adversaries that are her fellow witches.

She's a very intelligent witch, being able to master Envisioning with great finesse. Amelia is fairly creative when spell casting; . This brain power also applies to other subjects that don't pertain to magic, which is why she's also scholarly and a good teacher as well. Her way of speaking is eloquent, curt and usually to the point. Amelia doesn't use swear words very often if at all unless extremely frustrated.

Before meeting Briar, Amelia was essentially a recluse and suspicious of most people she met. Her passion aside from books was simply magic. She wanted to be one of the best practitioners of the art to make sure no one could cross her path, but she also thought magic was all she had to prove her worth and existence as a person. As a result, she was simply cold and indifferent to most everything around her and socializing only when needed.

This all changed when Briar came into her life. Amelia discovered that she liked teaching as she guided Briar each day through daily routines. It suddenly occurred to her that she had been a pathetically lonely girl this whole time. As her story progresses, she becomes a more friendly individual, a good listener, and an overall more helpful person, using her magic for good rather than just for herself. The death of Briar shook her up considerably, but she carries out his wish for her to be happy as she finally grows up and lives out a life, not of greatness, but of serving others and discovering the beauty in the simplest aspects of living even in the face of constant adversity. Briar, however, is still her first and perhaps her only true love and she finds it difficult to enter into a serious romantic relationship because a part of her can't let him go in her heart. She continues to keep the rose she transformed him into a small rose which she wears as a choker around her neck and speaks to it when she thinks no one is around, still referring to it as 'Briar.'

Although Amelia had trouble putting trust in others at first, she now does her best to understand people. She's lightened up considerably compared to her past self since she can crack a joke every now and then although she tends to remain poker faced; her smiles aren't very common. She makes a very good ally and friend and is a well-liked figure in Blackgale among the normal folk. Amelia is extremely protective of those who are precious to her. If you make her angry, she won't hesitate to snap back or retaliate and getting on her very WORST side is ill-advised. Amelia doesn't flaunt her power or status, but she's confident with her skills. Just pray she doesn't use them against you if you become an enemy; she's slow to true anger, but not completely unflappable. When treated kindly or given hints that she is liked, Amelia actually acts a tad bit embarrassed and awkward, but secretly pleased that others would like her as a person.

Overall, Amelia is an intelligent, serious, but warmhearted witch. She's kind and unkind when she sees fit, taking things in stride as best as she can even if she stumbles in the process. Her morals are not black and white, but she's still more inclined to do good. She still tends to keep to herself and while she has done her fair share of sight-seeing and traveling around the world, Amelia likes to stay in Blackgale, which is the home she is attached to most after living there for a few decades. Amelia wants to put forth the most important things in life which she sees is love and understanding and it's still a rough journey for her in that aspect even if she is a grown up.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:

Magic: All witches and wizards are born with this energy that helps them perform the impossible, unlike psychics whose powers perform within limits. Amelia has 200 years worth of very potent magical energy within her thanks to Briar, making her spell-casting dangerously accurate and strong. Magic slows down aging of witches and wizards as well. Amelia is not a physical fighter, but if she needs to get offensive or defensive, she summons pure magical energy which is akin to emerald green flames-- it shapes itself into whatever she wishes. Her magic acts like malleable material, that can be thrown to cut or push back an opponent like an energy strike. It can be as weak or as strong as Amelia wants it. The magic can also turn into a shield and deflect most physical objects and most stronger magical attacks. Seeing as how she has 200 years worth of extremely potent magic, a little goes a long way.

Envisioning: This is the basic principle which all witches and wizards go by to cast magic. Envisioning is basically summoning an image of one's mind to cast the spell or summon what they desire. For instance, if Amelia wanted to summon lightning, she would simply have to have that image in her head and then cast the spell with a point of her finger. And you get lightning! Another example would be if she wanted a hot cup of tea-- she would simply imagine that cup with the tea and bam, instant tea. Another example would be if she wanted a lit trail to find a person-- rinse and repeat above, and she'll get her trail.

Of course even when performing the impossible, there is a limit and forbidden uses of Envisioning. You are not allowed to do things that would have negative consequences attention such as bring back the dead, summon demons, take over the world, control time, change the past-- you get the drill. (Think Sabrina the Teenage Witch, except decidedly less silly).

Magic Teleporting: Amelia can magically teleport to any location provided there's no magic blocking her from doing so.

Tasseography: Also known as tea fortune telling, or divination from patterns in tea leaves or in coffee grounds.



Enchanted Robe:

Enchanted Glasses:



Appearance: Amelia stands at a height of about 5'7 has long red hair that reaches down to her back. Her eyes are dark green and she usually wears glasses due to being near-sighted (and because they're enchanted for her own purposes).

Age: 66, but physically in her middle 20s.

Log Sample:

Comms Sample:

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