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IC Contact Post

"This is Amelia Steinbeck. If you are receiving this message, it means I'm not available right now. Please leave your message for me to get back to later."


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[The day after this, Loki needs someone to talk to.

It doesn't escape him that, on both Asgard and this ship, he never felt like he really had anyone to truly speak with; despite his silver tongue and his innate charm, he never kept steadfast friends. Always too cautious, always too withdrawn, never as sociable as most -- his flaws that kept him from being able to connect in the way that most could.

The only person he would feel like talking to on the Thor would be Amelia, and even then he feels like it would be nothing more than banter. A slight annoyance on her part.

He doesn't pity himself for it (though he's no stranger to self-pity at all), but rather ignores it altogether. He sends her a text, out of the blue with little context.]

Do you keep items of sentiment in your room?